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Available accommodation Krušné Hory – Horní Blatná

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Family accommodation

Krušné hory are like a paradise for skiers and cyclists, you will find breathtaking scenery, historic monuments and places to relax here. In our guest-house in Horní Blatná you can get cheap accommodation for families.

Horní Blatná


is a quiet Renaissance town situated in the Central Ore Mountains (Krušné hory). It is neither as busy nor expensive as large winter resorts.

We have been providing accommodation since 1999. First, it was in a two-bed suite on the ground floor of a family house. Since 2007, additionally, we can put you up in a newly refurbished mountain chalet in the neighborhood with the capacity of 11+3 persons. In total we can accommodate 16 persons. We recommend the suite to families with children. The chalet is suitable for groups.

The chalet is certified by the Union of Countryside Tourism with the overall results ** of three stars. We have been continuously improving the accommodation standard. All the rooms have their own bathrooms with toilets. In the suite there is a dishwasher. In the chalet you can find a TV set with satellite signal. In both buildings there is an internet access available.

For guests who wish to relax from home cooking, we book half-board in the nearby restaurant.

In both objects there is a bike and ski storage. Hereby you can get to know the beauties of the more distant surrounds of our town.

Parking is provided free of charge in a public parking lot 30m away.

In winter time we can sell you ski waxes. You can learn more information in the section NEWS or even better when staying with us.

In order to give our guests enough time to travel the Ore Mountain, the following is valid: the longer the stay – the lower the price!



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